Mineral Powder

Mineral Powder

In the past few years it has conquered the beauty shelves, and there is currently even a hype about it: mineral powder, in compact, loose, transparent or tinted form, is a hybrid product. It has all the advantages of a powder, but it can do even more: The minerals, ground into a fine powder, soothe the skin, give it moisture and do not clog the pores because, combined with herbal substances, they develop their effect better. It is not comedogenic, which means that it does not provoke pimple formation.

For these reasons, the cosmetic brand Clarins only has mineral powder in its range.

In addition, mineral powders cover very well. It is recommended for redness and acne. The latest product from this area is the retouching powder from the US label Bobbi Brown. The product works like an Ā«InstafilterĀ». It creates an even complexion and controls the shine.

There are pressed powders that are also mineral powder and mostly covered by Clarins, one of the best brands.

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